Adress:Gaziantep Yolu Üzeri Erkenez Mevki 7. Km Kahramanmaraş / TÜRKİYE

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Balsoy Label, Quality Guarantee


We produce 400 tons tubolar and open width knitted fabric per month.
We use mostly high quality Marteks yarns in our knitting saloon. We are lowering the mistakes to the minimum level because our plant is equipped with the latest technology and its production atmosphere has meticulousness cleanliness of laboratory.
We are sending our fabrics to our customer after a last check after completing their bleaching, dyeing and finishing operations with its "Balsoy Quality Guarantee" label sent from our dyehouse.
The Weight of our Sales
% 70 raw fabric
% 30 dyed fabric
Market Distribution
% 60 domestic
% 40 export