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Quality Difference Exports

Have Quality 

We know the Raw Material Process very well.


We are using the high quality yarns of Marteks. We are following the raw material process and measure the quality of yarn continuously.

Our Machinery is Very Young


We are using the latest technology in our knitting mill and constantly renewing our technology. We use the highest quality knitting machines in the world.

Quality Control Processes are Full Follow-up


We constantly control the problems that may occur on the product during the production process on the machine. If the product has no mistakes in the final check after the production and efficiency chasing, we send our brand that had taken the label of "Balsoy Quality Guarantee" to dyehouse.

We Breath Life into the Fabric in our Dyehouse


Our brand takes its final form after the bleaching, dyeing and finishing operations in our partner dyehouse. We apply the Balsoy quality standards in all processes.

Customer Focused and Analytical Management


We constantly increasing our market share throughout the world with our price policy which will increase our customers' competitiveness, our power of responding any amount of demand and our fast delivery infrastructure.